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We are specialist chemical manufacturers who have developed a unique range of paint and coating removers, all of which have been independently tested and comply with the very latest COSHH regulations.

Our broad range of Paramose™ products has been specifically designed to overcome the traditional problems of paint removal. In particular, evaporation has been retarded so that Paramose™ attacks only the paint/coating films as opposed to losing effectivness by releasing the vapours into the atmosphere. That's the Paramose advantage!

Our products are consistently being expanded and developed. If we don't have the product in our range to suit your particular application, we have full laboratory facilities that you can call upon to solve your stripping or coating removal problem. We also have a full range of cleaning and detergent products, water repellents, surface protection agents and many other surface treatments.

Paramose products have been formulated and developed extensively over many years and are now comprehesively used and specified by local and public authorities both in the UK and Europe. Over recent years, Paramose™ paint removers have been independently tested and the results show that when used correctly with adequate ventilation and correct work procedures, the O.E.L for Methylene Chloride can be met.

With over 4 MILLION metres of communal areas stripped our track record is impressive!

The Paramose™ Advantage

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When treated with Paramose, the effectiveness of the stripping solution is massively increased. Our unique formula is designed to specifically eliminate evaporation.


Conventional paint stripping has always been compromised due to stripping solution evaporation.


Stripping & Varnish Removal


The UK's leading paint stripping products. Ideal for removing paint from wood, metal and most surfaces


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& Grease




CGR is the perfect cleaning agent to remove grease and carbon in kitchens and on machinery


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Stripping Machines



Wood stripping made easy - strips paint and varnish etc without darkening wood


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Enviromose Water-Based Products



Enviromose is the UK's leading low hazard paint stripper and meets all current legislation


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Chemicals Ltd have a fully equipped laboratory to create and test all kinds of stripping, cleaning and protecting products


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A range of solutions to almost any problem - from graffiti removal to stain and mark removing

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Important Product Notice

Paramose paint and varnish remover contains Dichloromethane which is now restricted under European regulation 455/2009/EC. From the 6th December 2011 restrictions are in place to limit the sale of this product to INDUSTRIAL USE - which means a facility for paint stripping activities. Orders can not be dispatched until the attached industrial declaration form has been signed and checked.

Other products containing Dichloromethane sold and used for other purposes (e.g. degreasing, adhesive removal, DCM gel cleaning), are not banned and can continue to be sold and used (for uses other than stripping paint). Those products are as follows

Paramose ARC Thin - Adhesive remover and cleaner • Paramose ARC thick - Adhesive remover and cleaner • AS1 Industrial strength Adhesive stripper • AS10 Industrial strength Adhesive stripper!


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